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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fosdem, 9 days from now

FOSDEM, the free and open source developer's meeting is just 9 days away.

I will be doing one talk on MySQL 5.1 Plugins on Sunday, February 8 in the MySQL Room. Initially I was scheduled for two talks, but one was canceled to make way for another talk. I'm actually quite happy it went that way, because Jurriaan Persyn's talk about Database Sharding that is now scheduled instead looks very interesting indeed. I think it really complements the already nice mix of topics in the MySQL track.

Apart from being an interesting tech/geek conference, Fosdem is also a great social event, and I am looking forward to meeting new people and hanging out with old friends and colleagues. Who knows, maybe I'll meet you there?


goundoulf said...

I'm going too!

Jurriaan Persyn said...

Hope the sharding talk lived up to your expectations; a blog post and the slides are available at now ...

Roland Bouman said...

Hi Jurriaan!

yes, I enjoyed your talk a lot! It was very interesting for me a real-life story describing your experiences, trials and solutions on sharding for a social networking site. Kudos to you! ;)