Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Pentaho Solutions": copies hit the mail


Just a few hours ago, I arrived home after a very quiet and peaceful two-week holiday with my family. It was great! I didn't bring a computer on purpose. I brought a mobile phone, but didn't answer that on purpose too :) Result: absolute relaxation, with lots of time to hike, cycle, and read, and occasional visits to musea and historic sites. Bliss :)

Anyway, now that the bags are unpacked, and the kids are asleep, it's time to face the dragon better known as my inbox. What I found brought a big smile to my face:

Pentaho corp. posing with a copy of "Pentaho Solutions"

Yes - it's true!! Copies of my and Jos' book Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL have hit the mail, and at least one copy has reached the Pentaho office.

Pentaho-ers, thanks for your kind email, and thanks for a great product!

I haven't received one myself (yet), and it will probably take some time still to ship the books to Europe. But it's certainly good to see a physical proof of our work.

Anyway - if you are expecting a copy of the book because you pre-ordered one, or if I or Jos promised you a copy, fear not, it should be heading your way. I hope you like it - Enjoy :)


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