Thursday, December 01, 2011

Common Schema: dependencies routines

Are you a MySQL DBA? Checkout the common_schema project by Oracle Ace Shlomi Noach.

The common_schema is an open source MySQL schema that packs a number of utility views, functions and stored procedures. You can use these utilities to simplify MySQL database administration and development. Shlomi just released revision 178, and I'm happy and proud to be working together with Shlomi on this project.

Among the many cool features created by Shlomi, such as foreach, repeat_exec and exec_file, there are a few %_dependencies procedures I contributed:

  • get_event_dependencies(schema_name, event_name)

  • get_routine_dependencies(schema_name, routine_name)

  • get_sql_dependencies(sql, default_schema)

  • get_view_dependencies(schema_name, view_name)

All these procedures return a resultset that indicates which schema objects are used by the object identified by the input parameters. Here are a few examples that should give you an idea:

mysql> call common_schema.get_routine_dependencies('common_schema', 'get_routine_dependencies');
| schema_name | object_name | object_type | action |
| common_schema | get_sql_dependencies | procedure | call |
| mysql | proc | table | select |
2 rows in set (0.19 sec)

Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.19 sec)

mysql> call common_schema.get_routine_dependencies('common_schema', 'get_sql_dependencies');
| schema_name | object_name | object_type | action |
| common_schema | _get_sql_token | procedure | call |
| common_schema | _sql_dependencies | table | create |
| common_schema | _sql_dependencies | table | drop |
| common_schema | _sql_dependencies | table | insert |
| common_schema | _sql_dependencies | table | select |
5 rows in set (1.59 sec)
Of course, there's always a lot to be desired. The main shortcomings as I see it now is that the dependencies are listed only one level deep: that is, the dependencies are not recursively analyzed. Another problem is that there is currently nothing to calculate reverse dependencies (which would arguably be more useful).

The good news is, this is all open source, and your contributions are welcome! If you're interested in the source code of these routines, checkout the common_schema project, and look in the common_schema/routines/dependencies directory.

If you'd like to add recursive dependencies, or reverse dependencies, then don't hesitate and contribute. If you have a one-off contribution that relates directly to these dependencies routines, then it's probably easiest if you email me directly, and I'll see what I can do to get it in. If you are interested in more long term contribution, it's probably best if you write Shlomi, as he is the owner of the common_schema project.

You can even contribute without implementing new features or fixing bugs. You can simply contribute by using the software and find bugs or offer suggestions to improve it. If you found a bug, or have an idea for an improvement or an entirely new feature, please use the issue tracker.

For now, enjoy, and untill next time.

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