Friday, July 03, 2009

Starring Sakila: MySQL university recording, slides and materials available onMySQLForge


Yesterday I had the honour of presenting my mini-bi/datawarehousing tutorial "Starring Sakila" for MySQL University. I did a modified version of the presentation I did together with Matt Casters at the MySQL user's conference 2009 (video available here, thanks to Sheeri). The structure of the presentation is still largely the same, although I condensed various bits, and I added practical examples of setting up the ETL process and creating a Pentaho Analysis View (OLAP pivot table) on top of a Mondrian Cube.

The slides, session recording, and materials such as SQL script, pentaho data integration jobs and transformations, and Sakila Rentals Cube for Mondrian are all available here on MySQL Forge.

Copyright Notice

Presentation slides, and materials such as SQL script, pentaho data integration jobs and transformations, and Sakila Rentals Cube for Mondrian are all Copyright Roland Bouman. Feel free to download and learn from it. But please do not distribute the materials yourself - instead, point people to the wiki page to get their own copy of the materials. Personal use of the files is allowed. Use these materials for creating training materials of using these materials as training materials is explicitly not allowed without written prior consent. (Just mail me at roland dot bouman at gmail dot com if you would like to use the materials for such purposes, and we can work something out.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this presentation, Pentaho looks really promising.

But all the different versions of Pentaho are a little bit confusing.

First there is the 30-day free trial. Do i have to deinstall it after 30 days or is it automatically a free version with limited functionality when the test period is over?

Then there is the community edition? Can i use this version instead of the 30-day free trial? Can i use it in small to medium companies free of any charge?

Then there is the enterprise edition which is suited for big companies only in my point of view, because the annual fee for this edition is very very high (several thousand dollars). Which companies can afford such a big amount every year?

Where is the community edition sufficient and where is the enterprise edition a must-have?

rpbouman said...

Hi Anonymous!

As far as I know the 30 day trial *is* the enterprise edition, it's just on trial for 30 days. I'm not sure what happens after the 30 day trial period, but I would assume you'd have to uninstall. Please contact pentaho to learn more about that.

The community edition is GPL - free software. You are free to use, distribute, run and modify the software as you see fit. In short, yes you can use this free of charge, and in any kind of company you like.

I should point out that the difference between community and enterprise is not only a matter of software. Pentaho Enterprise includes support services. To learn more about the differences between enterprise and community, see:

As for the pricing, well you should decide for yourself if it's worth it to you. But I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find a supported BI solution for that kind of money. As for companies that can afford it: it's a matter of calculating what you can win by deploying versus what you miss out on if you don't deploy. More information on Pentaho customers:

One way of going about this is by starting a pilot using the community edition. See how it works out. Try. Make mistakes. Spend time to read documentation, to post on forums and so on and so forth. Once you are happy about the potential, decide if you could gain enough time to justify the cost of support/enterprise edition.

I hope this helps,

kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Dear Roland,
What would be the estimated cost for the product, after a person satisfied from it.
Kindly tell me the cost you paid against this product.

rpbouman said...

Hi Anonymous!

which product? Pentaho is free software - you don't pay a dime. If you want you can pay for an enterprise edition, and get support too. If you want't to know about pricing, please contact Pentaho - not me - I am not affiliated with Pentaho

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