Friday, July 24, 2009

OSCON 2009 Presentation "Taming your Data: Practical Data Integration Solutions with Kettle" now online

I just delivered my OSCON 2009 presentation "Taming your data: Practical Data Integration Solutions with Kettle". I think it went pretty well, and I got good responses from the audience. I did have much more material than time, and I probably should have proposed to do a tutorial instead. Maybe next year :) Anyway, you can find the presentation and the examples on the OSCON 2009 website. The slides are available in pdf format. There's also a zip file that contains the presentation as well as the kettle sample transformations and jobs.


Daniel Einspanjer said...

Roland, that is a fantastic presentation. Wish I could have been there. :)

Unknown said...

Looking great Roland. Congratulations with the nice pictures in the presentation.



rpbouman said...

Hi Daniel, Hi Matt!

Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated :)

I really enjoyed creating and delivering this presentation. 45 minutes really wasn't enough though. OSCON is a nice conference, I think I should try and get a tutorial approved next year.

Jos van Dongen said...

Hi Roland,

looks great, my compliments! And we're eating fish tonight! Don't know how that came up...

Have a good trip back home,


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