Friday, October 24, 2008

What kind of life is that?!

Over a year ago, I wrote about a little bit of irony offered by the runtime error messages emitted from the Windows Vista ultimate testdrive site (which I just checked again, this time with IE6 and happens to choke on another bug).

Anyway, I just found another gem in this category. In search for MS Visual Studio Express, I bumped into an ad for the "Defy All Challenges" campaign on the Dutch Microsoft site. The site shows a picture of a pirate captain that is titled "A Developer's Life for me" and below is some text that invites other brave developers to "Defy all challenges" with Microsft Visual Studio 2008. I took a snapshot for posterity:


Unfortunately, as soon as you visit the site (I'm using IE 6.0 on Windows XP SP2 right now), you get a messagebox informing you that a javascript runtime error has occurred ("Object Expected"). So I'm afraid it's a case of "A bug's life" rather than "A Developer's life".

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Unknown said...

Hi Roland,

My Linpus (Fedora8) powered AA1 with FF3 displays the same site without any warnings or errors. So is this an example of MSFT finally using web standards in their sites that are not supported well in their own browsers? That's a big leap from doing it the other way around! Maybe MSFT is getting serious about supporting OS after all...


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