Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bugfixes to the Quick And Dirty Query Tool (Google Gears Database Service Demo)

Yesterday, when I published my blog entry on the Google Gears database service, I made the terrible mistake of not testing my Google Gears Query Tool in Internet Explorer.

I fixed a number of issues, and it from what I can tell, it now works for Firefox (tested: in Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux Feisty Fawn) and Internet Explorer (tested: 6.0 on Windows XP)

For Internet Explorer, there is however one issue I cannot solve. I suspect it is a bug in the Google Gears extension. The bug may be reproduced by opening the Query Tool page and hitting the "Execute" button, leaving the textarea for the SQL text empty. You will get a popup that looks something like this:
And then the browser crashes.

I already reported it, so if you have any more information regarding this bu, please add to that thread to share your observations.

I also added a new feature. You can now view the query plan for your queries by hitting the "Explain" button. This will only work for SELECT statements, and you will see an error message otherwise. Explain is implemented simply by executing the current statement text in the textarea, prepended by the string "EXPLAIN ". The resultset of this is then rendered just like any normal resultset.


Andrew Dashin said...

Nice tool. Are you planning to extend it?

rpbouman said...

Hi Andrew!

Actually, I created a new version that includes a demonstration of the Google Gears worker pool:

There are still a few problems with this version but it currently works pretty well on firefox.

Andrew Dashin said...

Hi, Roland.

YUI is a good descision :) But what about your plans on future? Could it became something more than simple demo? ;)

rpbouman said...

Hi Andrew,

"But what about your plans on future? Could it became something more than simple demo? ;)"

Well, it could I suppose. But I don't have a real plan ;)

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