Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just send Microsoft your feedback...

I have a windows live mail account. Sure, laugh at me ;)

I just stumbled upon one of the most disgusting pieces of internet "journalism" ever:
The message explains how on Komodo a 9 year old boy got killed after being attacked by a Komodo Dragon.

In itself this is just a tragic piece of news. What I find disgusting is that people are invited to vote whether this is "Kicken" - which means "Cool!" or whether it should be removed because it is not cool - "Dumpen". As you can see, by majority vote this is considered "Cool".

Bah! I feel sick to the stomach, and ashamed. Not only by the majority vote but by the sheer decadence and heartlessness of combining a story of such a family tragedy with a senseless and completely irrelevant poll.

Presumably, MSN does good business in selling this type of pages for advertisements, as can be seen in the right bottom, which shows the logo of Essent, a dutch electrical power supplier.

Normally I don't complain, but this time I felt compelled to inform MSN how disgusting I think this is....finally I found this "feedback form"
(This is just a button to submit the form: apparently we are not required to actual judge something or give feedback.) Thank you so much, Microsoft!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could inform Essent, advertisers are usually not happy with things like this.

rpbouman said...


yeah, I figured that too. I mailed them first, and then tried to tell Microsoft...

kind regards,


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