Thursday, April 20, 2006

JIT Hotel Reservation for the MySQL UC

I finally made hotel reservations for my stay in the U.S. for the MySQL User Conference.

I'm flying to San Fransisco tomorrow and I will arrive there in the afternoon. Then, I'm straight off to Santa Clara to check into my hotel.

I'd like to go for some sightseeing on maybe Saturday but definitely Sunday, and I'm thinking of San Fransisco itself.

I'm supposed to have WIFI access at the hotel, so if anyone would like to join me or arrange a meeting, I should be able to read my mail there too.

Have a nice trip everyone, and see you at the UC!


Mike Kruckenberg said...

Hmmm . . . I fly into SFO Sunday morning around 10am and was planning on going into San Francisco for some sightseeing through the afternoon before heading down to Santa Clara.

What's on your sightseeing list?

rpbouman said...

Hi Mike!

I havent decided yet on what to see, I just bought a Lonely Planet to find out.

I think I will definitely want to see the Golden Gate bridge (duh!). As the rest is concerned, I just figured to check out the city, breathe the atmosphere (not literally per se ;-)

I'll come back at this later on this evening, and maybe we can schedule a meetup?

Maybe you've got your sightseeing list? Im open to all suggestions.

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