Monday, April 24, 2006

Sightseeing San Francisco

As a prelude to the MySQL users conference,

Markus and I went to fetch Mike from the airport to do some sightseeing.

Well, it's like this, I'm from a country that's very small in every way. Apart from being small, it's also very flat. Can you imagine what a place like San Francisco does with someone that's been living for over 30 years in such an enviroment? No?

Check out what happened to us while we were sightseeing San Francisco:

Mike already blogged about us taking the cable cart....

But he didn't tell you how fast these things go:

...and what perils it faces when it navigates it's way through the other traffic...

...but lucky for us, they installed a guardian angel to watch over the cable cart travellers:

After that, we figured that the golden gate bridge just might maybe a little more relaxing...

...until you decide to look down!!

...It just makes you wanna reach out...

...or call for some counseling:

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