Friday, October 07, 2011

Fighting Spam: Word Verification

Hi All,

this is a quick note to let you know that from now on, commenters on this blog will need to complete a word verification (captcha) step.

Personally, I regret to have to take this measure. Let me explain why I'm doing it anyway.

Since 3 months or so, moderating comments on this blog is becoming a real drag due to a surge in anonymous spam. While bloggers spam detection is quite good, I still get notificaton mails prompting me to moderate. I feel this is consuming more of my time than it's worth.

Except for requiring word verification, other policies (or lack thereof) are still in effect: all comments are moderated, but anyone can comment, even anonymously. In practice, all real comments get published - even negative or derogatory ones (should I receive them).

Sorry for the convenience, but I hope you'll understand.

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