Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Starring Sakila": a Data Warehousing mini-tutorial at the MySQL UC 2009


Recently I wrote about how glad I was to see two of my proposals for the upcoming MySQL Conference approved.

I am absolutely thrilled to see my third proposal has been approved as well: "Starring Sakila: data warehousing explained, illustrated and subtitled". I'm very proud to announce that I'm doing this talk together with Matt Casters, chief data integration of Pentaho and creator of the popular ETL/Data Integration suite Kettle (a.k.a Pentaho data integration).

During this 45-minute seminar, Matt and I will take the Sakila sample database and explain how to design and load a data warehouse for it, and how to use that to create those reports and charts that makes the managers smile ;-). Along the way, we'll explain often uttered terms and concepts such as dimensional model, denormalization, star schema, OLAP, data staging, business intelligence, ETL and data integration.

Note that this session is targeted at SQL developers, DBAs and tech-savvy analysts ('suits' are most welcome) that are new to business intelligence and datawarehousing. We noticed that although data warehousing and business intelligence are hardly new topics, there is still a lot of confusion surrounding them. The goal of this session is mainly to explain what it is all about, and to immediately make the concepts we cover tangible by illustrating it using a database schema which is easy to grasp, and which already familiar to most of the MySQL crowd.

Of course - the MySQL User's conference will feature more advanced data warehousing and business intelligence session too. I am pretty sure we will see a lot of Infobright and Kickfire. One session that I know will be very interesting is Matt's talk on utilizing computing clouds to power highly performing, scalable ETL processes.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. I will post a more detailed overview of the content of this and the other sessions I'm involved in when the conference date is nearing.


A video recording of this session can be found here, courtesy of Sheeri.


Unknown said...

Roland, these are interesting times to be out there at the MySQL UC. Just look at all the new different storage engines that are emerging, the rise of the column databases: ICE, Kickstart, etc.

We're going to have a lot of fun out there and it's going to be an honor to do this presentation with you :-)

rpbouman said...


thanks - I feel the same ;)


Anonymous said...


This sounds like a great session that you're putting together with Matt. If there is anything we can do at Infobright to help out, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us - we'd love to participate!

Mark Windrim
Community Relations @

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a very interesting session.
Will the presentation be later available for download?

Shlomi Noach

rpbouman said...

Hi Schlomi!

Yes, I will make the presentation available for download after the session.

My previous MySQL UC presentations are available for download too, with exception of the UDF tutorial I gave last year (because that included some official MySQL training materials)

Suzanne Axtell said...

Congrats, Roland (and Matt)!

FYI, we've just unveiled most of the program today, so all of your presentation descriptions are now public:

See you in Santa Clara!
Suzanne Axtell, O'Reilly Conferences team

mallesh said...

Thanks for the share ..Really appreciated work. And I do have theData Warehousing | Informatica | Oracle | Unix Tutorial...Hope this is helpful to ur visitors

Mostwanted CJ said...

Starring Sakila": a Data Warehousing mini-tutorial at the MySQL UC 2009"
presentation slides are removed from mysql site... i searched in google but i cant find it... slides in video is not clear... sir will u plz send me a copy to my mail ( or ) or post a link...

Mostwanted CJ said...

Starring Sakila": a Data Warehousing mini-tutorial at the MySQL UC 2009"

presentation slides where removed from mysql site... i searched the google but i can't find any copy... slides in youtube video is very poor... sir will u plz send me copy to my mail ( or ) or post a link...

rpbouman said...

@mostwanted CJ,

pity Oracle removed the slides. But you can see a youtube video here:

jessica said...

hii Roland, this is one of the interesting post keep on post more about it.

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