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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why Schoenberg Rocks...

Personally, I have had a taste for the music of Arnold Schoenberg for a long time. But now, I the wikipedia explains why:

Ten features of Schoenberg's mature twelve-tone practice are characteristic, interdependent, and interactive[1]:

1. Hexachordal inversional combinatoriality
2. Aggregates
3. Linear set presentation
4. Partitioning
5. Isomorphic partitioning
6. Invariants
7. Hexachordal levels
8. Harmony, "consistent with and derived from the properties of the referential set"
9. Metre, established through "pitch-relational characteristics"
10. Multidimensional set presentations
So, aggregates, partitioning, metrics and referential sets, play us another tune...

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