Friday, March 21, 2008


Today I spent the larger part of the afternoon at the Sun office in Amersfoort. And,
Yes, I signed ;-)
and joined the now largest open source company in the world.


gem_haiti said...

I would to have a open source mysql database for ecommerce, i'm not living USA, i'm living Haiti

my email is
Send me a mail, we'll chat/talk and i'll give you the project...

Take care
Frederic Farah

rpbouman said...

So, just download it. It's free ;)

Frank said...

Yay! you did sign :)

From the input from my community sources, I know the strength it takes to sign :)

Congratulations! can't wait to see you at the conference.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations are due, so: congratulations on the signing!

Hans Stevens said...


Zon op al je wegen! ;)


JanL said...

Congrats Roland!

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