Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Errata page for the MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification Study Guide

ccsg-coverI am very pleased to announce that we - that is, our excellent documentation team - set up the errata page for the MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification Study Guide!. For those that don't know, this guide is the official and authoritative guide to prepare for the Certified MySQL 5.1 Cluster DBA exam. Apart from being a study guide, it is probably the most up-to-date text on MySQL Cluster.

As more people are buying a copy, we are receiving more and more feedback. It's mostly positive, but one of the things that is becoming more and more clear is that a number of the illustrations aren't as clear in print as they should be. So we decided to put most of these on the errata page, along with corrections to any textual errors.

So, if you bought a copy, take a look. Or if you are just curious what the pictures look like and want to get a feel for what this book is about, feel free to take a look too. Of course, if you have the book and want to notify us of some error or irregularity, feel free to contact me or the team. You can email us at certification at mysql dot com.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roland,

On the Errata page, it says that there's a Second Edition of the MySQL 5.1 Cluster DBA Certification Study Guide published in June 2008.

Where can I buy this? I cannot find it anywhere not even on the mysql.com website.

If you know please post it here, I will check your site for updates. Thanks!


rpbouman said...


thanks for your interest.

You can buy the second edition here:


rpbouman said...

Here is the actual order link:


Viviana said...

Hi, I tried to buy this book, but everywhere is sold out, do you know where can i buy it now?

rpbouman said...

Hi Viviana,

sorry to hear that. Please contact oracle certification or Oracle training to figure out how to best prepare for the cluster certification.


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