Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Windows Vista Testdrive: "feedback is not defined" and "open is not a function"

I was just scavenging the web for a decent picture of the Microsoft Windows logo when my eye caught the site www.windowsvistatestdrive.com. I am currently a happy (K)Ubuntu GNU/Linux user, but I decided to give it a spin anyway.

(I know some people have some strong opinions on Linux vs Windows, especially Windows Vista, but to me, the computer and its operating system are just tools to get my work done. I am not a religous person, and god forbid I become religious over something as trivial as the right flavour of computing environment)

Well, the result of my test drive is shown below:


As you can see, I got what looked like a web rendering of Windows Vista...except that opening the page gave me one error immediately:

feedback is not defined

which is kind of a bummer for a site that is designed to sollicit feedback.

I clicked the "start" button anyway, and this gave me the following pearl:

open is not a function

I doubt irony was ever so appropriate ;)

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