Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference

On Saturday, June 16 2007, Ibuildings and Zend Technologies are organizing the Dutch PHP Conference 2007. The event is intended for professional PHP developers and will be held in the RAI in Amsterdam.

The program is mostly in English, offering about 15 speakers and three separate tracks: Frameworks, Case studies and a separate data-oriented/database track. I will be speaking there about MySQL stored routines, and how to use them in your PHP applications. Here's an outline of the topics that I will cover:

Overview of Stored Routines

Explanation of terminology, purpose and application

MySQL stored routine constructs

A description of commonly found constructs in coding mysql stored routines. Includes: block structure, parameters and variables, control constructs, SQL inside stored routines.

Techniques for using MySQL stored routines in PHP applications

Creating and calling stored procedures, capturing and processing returned resultset, handling multiple resultsets.

Use cases for MySQL stored routines in PHP (web) applications

What to do on the client, and what to do on the server; what to do in the PHP script, and what to do in the stored procedure. Performance: how MySQL stored routines can help or hurt performance.

Oh....did I mention the price? I think not. Brace thee...this event costs as little as 100 Euro. And...early birds get a discount and pay as little as 75 euro. So, don't hesitate and sign up now! Looking forward to meeting you June 16 at the Dutch PHP Conference. See you!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Roland.
Is it possible for you to publish your speech (materials) later on the blog. It`s really interesting subject and I think many people, who won`t be able to participate in conference would be greatly appreciated for your sharing.

Damn. I wish I`d be there. :/

Thanks in advance.

rpbouman said...


absolutely! I believe all presentations will be available on-line after the conference.

Please send me an email or other kind of reminder right on or after the conference and I will make sure you get the presentation.

kind regards, and thank you for your interest.

Roland Bouman

rpbouman said...

Hi all, the slides are available here:

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