Thursday, March 29, 2007

Window WTF: This Device Driver Software is Not Digital

I'm currently enjoying a 10Mbps glassfibre internet connection from the Dutch Internet Service Provider XMS.

They have a contract with the company from which we rent our house in Leiden. Basically, the deal is that we can try this internet service free of charge (! YEP) for 6 months. After that we can decide to subscribe to a package deal that includes television, radio, phone and internet and costs 50 euro/month (which is way cheaper than the sum of all the separate services we are paying for now BTW).

The only downside from switching is that I have had to move my wireless router near the modem, and that I had to go out and buy some hardware for the family desktop to enable wireless internet. I settled for a Sweex USB wireless adapter, because the distances are so small that I don't need to worry much about the USB stick not having an antenna, and I figured an USB stick is more flexible.

To my surprise, the Windows XP desktop desperately wanted me to install the drivers myself. So, I'm not scared of that...or only a little....Anyway, installing the drivers led to new complaints as you can see:


See, that's why I had to install the drivers manually. The encircled text reads "This device driver software is not digital". So, that's why I had to install htem myself. You see, somehow, windows does make sense after all ;)


Unknown said...

Roland. I think your title should be WTF not WFT.

rpbouman said...

Nick - yes, thanks!

Anonymous said...

"This device driver software is not digital"


The message should be

"This device driver software is not digitally signed" in dutch: "Dit stuurprogramma is niet digitaal ondertekend"

"makes sense"?

"This device driver software is not digital" is complete nonsense.

rpbouman said...

Really Piet? ;)

I didn't realize ;), I just thought it was analog software ;)

Pablo said...

Hi Roland, I'm biotechnologist also working as programmer :) anyway I want to pass you the url for my driver serach engine :)

rpbouman said...



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