Friday, February 23, 2007

Cluster Certification and the MySQL User's Conference

So far, I've never blogged about the work I've been doing for the MySQL Certification Team. Time to change that: I'd like to tell you a little bit more about the things I've been doing since I joined MySQL AB.

I started in July 2006 and from the on, I've been almost exclusively occupied with activities to develop certification for MySQL 5.1 Cluster.
A summary of the things I have done so far:

  • Working with the training department to design an outline for the cluster exam

  • Interviewing MySQL Cluster developers to check all kinds of facts and details of the behaviour of MySQL 5.1 Cluster

  • Creating, reviewing and editing numerous items for the cluster exam

  • Working with the documentation department to align the exam with the development of a MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification Study Guide

  • Reviewing chapters and exercises for the MySQL 5.1 Cluster Certification Study Guide

Cluster Certification and the MySQL User's Conference

I'm also very excited to be speaking about MySQL Cluster Certification at the MySQL User Conference and Expo (April 23 through 26, in Santa Clara, CA).

I'll be giving a MySQL Cluster Certification Primer on the Monday morning. Kai Voigt, who was an enormous help during the development of the cluster exam, will be giving a MySQL 5.0 DBA I Certification Primer, and Sarah Sproehnle will be giving the MySQL 5.0 DBA II Certification Primer.

If you like, you can get certified at the conference. At the UC, Certification exams cost 25 US$. That's just a little more than a tenth of normal price (200 US$)! I will be around to proctor various MySQL Certification Exams, including the MySQL 5.1. Certified Cluster DBA Exam.

I'll be writing some more about the new MySQL Cluster Certification and the corresponding study guide in a few days. In the mean time, check out the Cluster Section in the MySQL Certification Candidate Guide.

See you at the UC!

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