Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Sneak Preview: Diagram for the MySQL 5.1.7 Information Schema

Yesterday, I finally installed the MySQL 5.1.7 beta. It took some help from Markus to get it up and running, and this morning, I made a start to update the MySQL information schema diagram that I've been maintaing since june 2005.

To begin with, I just added the new information_schema tables to the original visio diagram. I also reworked the layout to put the tables that are in the same functional category near to each other. (In the previous version, the privilege tables were scattered throughout the diagram).

I put the EVENTS table in same category as TRIGGERS and the ROUTINES, because these all represent MySQL Programmability. I put the PARTITIONS, the ENGINES and the FILES table in a new category, because these all have to do with physical storage of data.

I still need more info on the PLUGINS table to decide where I should put it (it seems like it contains information similar to what I find in the ENGINES table.)

Finally, I adjusted the page dimension so the entire diagram can be printed landscape on A3 paper.

I will adjust the change history soon, and make an announcement in the information schema formum. Meanwhile, a sneak preview is available here: http://www.xcdsql.org/MySQL/information_schema/5.1/INFORMATION_SCHEMA With Rolenames.gif (visio: http://www.xcdsql.org/MySQL/information_schema/5.1/INFORMATION_SCHEMA With Rolenames.vsd). When that's done, I'll give it a go with MySQL Workbench too.


Anonymous said...

VSD link points on Gif. :)

rpbouman said...

Thank you! I fixed it right away. You should be able to download the vsd via the link now.

Anonymous said...

What ? You don't know DIA ? ;-)

rpbouman said...

Hi Balluche,

no, as a matter of fact, I didn't know it. I'm downloading and installing it as I'm writing this comment. I'll post back (or blog it) if I like it. If I don't, I'll be real silent, trust me on that :)

Anyway, thanks for the pointer.

kind regards,


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