Friday, December 16, 2005

Some MySQL stuff I have been doing during my Holidays

During my holiday, I alo spent some time with MySQL.

I've been working on an article series for This time, Andrew, Markus and yours truly have teamed up to cover (or at least, introduce) the interfaces you use to access MySQL from the (end-user) application. So far, we've come up with an introduction and an article describing Connector/J, the MySQL JDBC interface.

Given the amount of available API's/Connectors, it seems we've got our work cut out for us. But hey, dear reader, if you feel you want to contribute, don't hesitate and drop us a line.

I've been working on MySQL UDF's too. What a great and powerful feature! As I described in a previous entry (This is too wicked), I'm building a set of UDF's to port between Oracle and MySQL (not neccessarily in that direction)

To me, the most amazing thing sofar has been the discovery that MySQL already implements so much Oracle specific functions. I did notice a few before, but It really became clear to me once I started making an alphabetical list of functions (still busy with it). Or rather, since I started mapping Oracle's alphabetical list of functions from the Oracle SQL Reference to the MySQL functions.

I sure did learn a lot since I wrote my first UDF (Using an UDF to Raise Errors from inside MySQL Procedures and/or Triggers). I finally got rid of that pesky #include "winsock.h", and I developed a couple of macros, typedefs and such that make up a nice little reusable toolkit for creating UDF's (well, at least: I think so). I'll think I'll describe it in the blog in the near future.

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