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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting terrorists to talk...

Another quote from slashdot that cracked me up...This time it's gbjbaanb who install MS silverlight to keep his machine from whining and moaning, as found in the recent Silverlight thread:
I installed it in the end just to shut the damn thing up, and even then it refused to install. I almost cried with the frustration! The CIA could use this technique to get their terrorist suspects to talk.

I must admit that I have not installed Silverlight, but out of curiosity, I just might...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Random slahsdot comment gem

By vux984 in a thread about the article Twitter Said To Be Abandoning Ruby on Rails:
The rails framework is aptly named. Its like driving a train. You follow the rails. Its easy, simple, and those are its strengths. But if one day, you decide you want to cut across a field save a few hours of travel, well, you probably shouldn't have chosen 'train' as your mode of transportation.

Not trying to bash anyone here. This is just a well formulated comment. Maybe the guy took it from somewhere, I dunno. It just stuck on me.

Feel free to post your flames below, maybe I'll pass em on to vux984....