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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MySQL: A Stored Procedure to Create FEDERATED Tables.

The FEDERATED storage engine is a MySQL feature that lets you access the tables (and views) on a remote MySQL server. In terms of purpose and functionality, it best compares to a "linked table" in MS Access, and to a lesser extent, to Oracle database links.

Creating a federated table is tedious, because in the local database, you need to define a table with exactly the same structure as the remote table. That includes the index definitions, because these are used by the local optimizer to create a query plan (although the statistics for the index will not be locally available)

I created a procedure to make life easier (well, at least as far as creating FEDERATED/ tables is concerned). You can grab if here:



call p_create_federated_table(
, 3306
, 'my_remote_username'
, 'my_remote_password'
, 'my_remote_schema'
, 'my_remote_table'
, 'my_local_schema'
, 'my_local_table'

This sample will create a FEDERATED table named 'my_local_table' in the schema 'my_local_schema'. The created table will point to the table 'my_remote_table' in the schema 'my_remote_schema' on the remote MySQL Server on the host that is listening on port 3306


call p_create_federated_table(
, 'my_schema'
, 'my_table'

This sample will create a FEDERATED table with the same name as the specified remote table, and in the local schema with the same name as the specified remote schema. The remote mysql server is listening on the default mysql port (usually 3306) on the host myhost.mydomain.org'.

If you want to know how it works exactly: the procedure has got pretty good comments. Go get it at http://forge.mysql.com/snippets/view.php?id=54, and let me know what you think.